The 2nd Annual National Parliamentary Training Symposium:

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24 - 27 April, 2019

The 2nd Annual National Parliamentary Training Symposium will be hosted by The Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training (CPST). This symposium seeks to provide an opportunity for Parliament, County Assemblies, County Executives, Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) and other stake holders to share their experiences in combating corruption on the theme: ‘The Role of Legislatures in the Fight against corruption.’ This Symposium is meant to provide an opportunity for the participants to come together and to share knowledge, different experiences and best practices on their mandates, roles and functions based on the theme. The theme will have the following sub themes.


Naivasha - Kenya

Sub Themes:

    1) Innovative practices in Legislative oversight and research in the Fight against corruption

    2) The role of Parliamentary diplomacy, regional cooperation, Intergovernmental and intra-governmental cooperation in the fight against corruption

    3) Corruption prevention in the Budget making and implementation process (Financial management, procurement and own source revenue collection)

    4) Integrity in the Legislative committee work, Curriculum implementation and Legislative capacity building

    5) The role of Ethics Committees, Ethical and value driven legislatures in the fight against corruption


Highlights of our Learning Materials/Manuals

Law Making & Procedural Matters

A Training Manual

This manual introduces new methods and approaches of training legislative members

Public Finance Management

A Training Manual

Public Finance is the fuel that drives a country. Its management is thus of great

Cross Cutting Issues

Capacity Building for Legislative Staff:

Cross cutting issues touch on general principles of life. In the context of this

The Constitution, Parliament and Governance Systems

A Training Manual

This training manual examines the concepts of constitution, parliament and Systems of

Human Resources Management and Administration in the Legislature

A Training Manual

Managing human resources effectively has become vital to organisations of the 21st

Information, Communication and Public Participation & Outreach

A Training Manual

This manual aims at providing knowledge on the foundations and practice of effective


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