Professional Development Certificate in Parliamentary Management

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19 - 23 March, 2018

Parliaments are a critical component of a country’s governance system. Typically, they oversee the executive arm of the government, represent the electorate, and formulate and enact legislation. To perform these roles, parliaments need to have in place competent, responsive and proactive personnel. Developed in partnership with the World Bank, this program prepares effective parliamentary personnel to lead sustainable government institutions. The Program is designed for mid-level parliamentary staff with the potential to reach the highest levels of parliamentary management.

This program consists of the following courses:

  • Current Trends in Parliamentary Management
  • In-class at the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training (CPST),Nairobi, Kenya, 19 - 23 March, 2018

Plus 5 online courses of 6 weeks each:

  • Parliamentary Research and IT
  • Corporate Management of Parliament I
  • Corporate Management of Parliament II
  • Parliamentary Committees
  • Public Financial Management

Highlights of our Learning Materials/Manuals

Law Making & Procedural Matters

A Training Manual

This manual introduces new methods and approaches of training legislative members

Public Finance Management

A Training Manual

Public Finance is the fuel that drives a country. Its management is thus of great

Cross Cutting Issues

Capacity Building for Legislative Staff:

Cross cutting issues touch on general principles of life. In the context of this

The Constitution, Parliament and Governance Systems

A Training Manual

This training manual examines the concepts of constitution, parliament and Systems of

Human Resources Management and Administration in the Legislature

A Training Manual

Managing human resources effectively has become vital to organisations of the 21st

Information, Communication and Public Participation & Outreach

A Training Manual

This manual aims at providing knowledge on the foundations and practice of effective


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