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The Senate Liaison Office

The Senate Liaison Office (SLO) was established in July, 2013 as a result of the realization that there was need for the Senate to develop innovative means of engaging with counties that enhances the capacities of the county assemblies, interaction with county governments better advance its interactions beyond county governments to include other actors and/or stakeholders in ensuring that devolution is successfully implemented and visibility of the Senate The office has been instrumental in facilitating the interaction between the Senate and counties in the following areas-

  1. Coordination of attachment and benchmarking visits by county assemblies staff and members to the Senate;
  2. Supporting the linkages and establishment of harmonious relationships between the Senate and other institutions involved in the implementation of devolution, including the Council of Governors and County Assemblies Forum among others;
  3. Facilitating engagement of devolution stakeholders with the Senate;
  4. Tracking legislation passed by county governments to inform the activities of the Senate; and
  5. Coordinating the Senate Speaker’s stakeholder engagement program.