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Communication From Chair

11.03.2020 - Withdrawal of Provisions Proposing to amend V.A.T Act (No. 35 of 2013) in the Business Laws (Amendments) Bill, 2019
11.03.2020 - Guidance Following the Passage of the President’s Recommendations to the Law of Contract (Amendment) Bill, 2019
11.03.2020 - Committal of a Bill to a Committee other than a Departmental Committee
10.03.2020 - The Demise of the Late Hon. Suleiman Dori Ramadhani, MP, Member for Msambweni Constituency
05.03.2020 - Maintenance of Security in the Precincts of Parliament
04.03.2020 - Report of the Dept. Comm. on Justice & Legal Affairs on the President’s Reservations to the Law of Contract Bill
04.03.2020 - Recognition of a Delegation from the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda
03.03.2020 - Private Visit to Somalia by a Section of Members of Parliament
03.03.2020 - Timelines for Submission of Committee Reports Intended for Tabling to the Speaker
03.03.2020 - Cancellation of the 64th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
26.02.2020 - Recognition of Staff from the Parliament of Uganda
20.02.2020 - Extension of time limit for Submission & Publishing of Audited Financial Statements FY 2018/19 for Public Entities
20.02.2020 - Conflict of Mandate between two Departmental Committees on the subject of “Irrigation”
Communication on Extension of the Time Limit for Submission & Publishing of Audited Financial Statements & Annual Reports
20.02.2020 - Communication on Conflict of Mandate Between two Departmental Committees on the Subject of Irrigation
18.02.2020 - Guidance on the consideration of Commission on Administrative Justice (Amendment) Bill & the Natural Resources Bill
13.02.2020 - Business that Lapsed at the end of the Third Session
10.02.2020 - The Special Sitting & the Presidential Proclamation made upon the Passing on of the retired Second President
10.02.2020 - Guide regarding last Parliamentary Honour to the late retired Second President of the Republic of Kenya

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