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Communication From Chair

15.09.2020 - Review of seating capacity in various spaces & facilities of the National Assembly during COVID-19 Pandemic Period
10.09.2020 - Message from H. E. the President on Referral by H.E. the President of the Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment) Bill,
08.09.2020 - Unlocking funds transfer to County Governments for FY 20202021 and in the Future
12.08.2020 - Concerns Raised regarding the County Roads, Walkways & Parking Bays Bill (Senate Bill No. 18 of 2020)
12.08.2020 - Consideration of the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority Bill (Senate Bill No. 38 of 2018), the Pandemic Response & Ma
15.07.2020 - Engagement between the Executive and the National Assembly during the COVID-19 Pandemic Period
15.07.2020 - Withdrawal of specific Statutes proposed to be amended in the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill (National
15.07.2020 - Leadership Vacancies Occurring in Reconstituted Committees
Committal of different provisions of the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, 2020 to Departmental Committees
23.06.2020 - Changes in the Majority Party Leadership
23.06.2020 - Notice of Motion for the Removal of the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, Urban Development and Publ
23.06.2020 - The Application of Article 114 of the Constitution & Standing Order 133 on Certain Proposed Amendments to the Finan
18.06.2020 - Discharge of Members from various Select Committees
16.06.2020 - Procedure for Revocation of a Member of the Parliamentary Service Commission
09.06.2020 - Entitlement of Slots in Select Committees and Discharge of a Member from Select Committees by Parliamentary Parties
04.06.2020 - Changes In House Leadership of the Jubilee Party
04.06.2020 - Consideration of the Mediated Versions of the County Governments (Amendment) Bill (Senate Bill No. 11 of 2017) and
02.06.2020: Communication on presentation of the Budget highlights.
02.06.2020 - Bills published during the recess period and withdrawal of the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2020
06.05.2020 - The Nature of Equalisation Fund Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 43 of 2019.
Withdrawal of Clause 3 of the Public Finance Management Bill (National Assembly Bill No 2 of 2020)
22.04.2020 - Consideration of the Tax Laws (Amendment) Bill 2020: Exemption of Certain Amendments
22.04.2020 - COVID-19 Response Measures by the National Assembly
14.04.2020 - Guidance on Future Sittings of the National Assembly