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A bill is a draft legislation for consideration by the Senate. After being approved by the National Assembly and the Senate, if it relates to a matter requiring consideration by both Houses, a bill is presented to the President for assent. Each senator will receive a copy of all bills which are for introduction in the Senate. A bill passes through several stages.

Order Paper

The Order Paper is a schedule showing the sequence of the matters to be dealt with by the Senate at a Sitting, called, Orders of the Day. It is prepared by the Clerk of the Senate under the direction of the Speaker by the authority of the Senate Business Committee. The Order Paper is, in fact, the agenda through which the proceedings of the Senate are closely steered.

Votes & Proceeding

The Votes and Proceedings is the precise summary of the proceedings of the Senate at each sitting. The summary contains a record of what was done or transacted at the sitting in the order in which they were dealt with or occurred. The sequence set out on the Order Paper is sometimes not strictly followed. Whenever this happens, the alteration is recorded, too. Nevertheless, there are some parts of the proceedings not recorded in the Votes and Proceedings. The parts of the proceedings not recorded in the Votes and Proceedings include, points of order on matters of procedure, the Speaker’s entry, withdrawal and departure from the Chamber and any action or noise by visitors.
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