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Role of the National Assembly

Article 95 of the Constitution states that the following shall be the roles of the National Assembly:-

  • The National Assembly represents the people of the constituencies and special interests in the National Assembly.
  • The National Assembly deliberates on and resolves issues of concern to the people.
  • The National Assembly enacts legislation in accordance with Part 4 of this Chapter.
  • The National Assembly—
  • (a) determines the allocation of national revenue between the levels of government, as provided in Part 4 of Chapter Twelve;
  • (b) Appropriates funds for expenditure by the national government and other national State organs; and
  • (c) exercises oversight over national revenue and its expenditure.
  • The National Assembly—
  • (a) reviews the conduct in office of the President, the Deputy President and other State officers and initiates the process of removing them from office; and
  • (b) exercises oversight of State organs.
  • The National Assembly approves declarations of war and extensions of states of emergency.