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Budget Appropriation C


The Budget and Appropriations Committee chaired by Hon. Ndindi Nyoro has received proposed amendments to various Bills.

In a proposal to amend the Health Act, Hon. Njeri Maina (Kirinyaga) wants public and private hospitals to be barred from detaining  patients or bodies for non-payment of hospital bills. 

Hon. Maina is seeking a new section which prohibits detention of patients, deceased bodies and patients for failing to pay medical bills after being discharged to the Health Act (2017).

If this proposal is passed into law it will be a reprieve for families who have been subjected to suffering after their relatives are detained in hospitals for a long period after being discharged due to lack of money to pay hospital bills.

In another proposed amendment, Hon. Didimus Barasa (Kimilili) wants the Chairperson and members of the Commission on Revenue Allocation to serve on a part time basis, their offices be moved to Controller-of-Budget (COB) offices and a maximum number of meetings per financial year be set. 

The Kimilili Legislator also seeks to amend the Parliamentary Pensions Act,  in order to increase the amount of pension due to former Members of Parliament who served in the august House between July, 1984 and January 2001. These Members currently earn less than Kshs.100,000 per month. 

In addition, Hon. Mary Wamaua (Maragua) proposed to amend the Basic Education Act (2013) by establishing Sub County Boards comprising the Chairperson and six other members appointed by the Cabinet Secretary through an open and competitive process on a term of 5 years renewable.

Another proposal presented before the Committee was by Hon. Malulu Injendi to amend the National Government Co-ordination Act (2013). If passed into law this will see village elders get recognition across the country as National Government Administration Officers.

Hon. Oku Kaunya proposed the amendment of the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), Act (1990) to provide for governance structures specific to each Constituents Training Centres as well as provide for staff compliments to support the proposed governance framework. 

Hon. Adagala seks to amend section 5 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2012 to grant consumers the right to reject goods and obtain refunds and repair or replacement of goods to be done within 14 days.

Hon. Naisula Lesuuda seeks to amend the Kenya Roads Act (2007) by inserting a new section 47A which will require all public roads to have lanes or tracks for exclusive use by non-motorized transport users to minimize vehicle congestion as well as noise pollution.

Other Bills under consideration by the Committee are; Capital Markets (Amendment) Bill, 2022, the Laws Registration (Amendment) Bill 2023, Political Parties (Amendment) Bill 2022, Coconut & Cashew Nut Bill and the Poverty Eradication (Amendment) Bill 2022.