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SLO, Ms. Margaret Igane with the County Assembly of Makueni HOD's



The Senate Liaison office (SLO) Is established under the Office of the Clerk of the Senate to provide a nexus between the Senate and county governments and various devolution stakeholders. The office has, since its establishment, played a crucial role in facilitating county assembly visits to Parliament on attachments, study tours and benchmarking, and providing technical support on legislative issues when requested. 

The most recent beneficiary of the SLO initiatives to support county assemblies is Makueni County Assembly. The SLO team led by Dr Philip Buchere, the newly appointed Head of SLO, and Ms Margaret Igane, Chief Human Resource Officer, responded to a request by the Assembly to assist the Board of Management in reviewing its staff employment guidelines. 

The two-day workshop kicked off on a vibrant note with a courtesy call to the Speaker of the Assembly, Hon Douglas Mbilu David and a meeting with the Deputy Clerk, Mr Robert Musyoka. The team thereafter engaged the Heads of Departments at the Assembly in a rigorous exercise of reviewing and updating critical staff employment guidelines. The dedication, vitality, and enthusiasm to the process exhibited by the county assembly staff culminated in the production of clear and detailed direction on how to revise the staff employment structures of the Assembly. The Head of the SLO reiterated the commitment of the Senate in supporting the team in finalising the revisions to the staff employment guidelines. The two-day programme was closed by the Speaker of the Makueni County Assembly. He thanked the Senate for the ongoing support and undertook to invite the Speaker of the Senate to the official launch of the guidelines. 

Through the Senate Liaison Office, the Senate remains committed to providing the needed linkages with the county governments and particularly its commitment to supporting the nascent county assemblies.