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Officers from the Kenya Revenue Authoring Paying a courtesy call to the Clerk of the National Assembly

KRA Pleased With Constituency/County Offices on Tax Compliance

The Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Michael Sialai held a second consultative meeting with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) at Parliament buildings. The first one having been held on 29th October, 2018.

The KRA Officers paid Mr. Sialai a courtesy call in his office at Parliament buildings to deliberate on the best way to enhance service delivery through timely remittance of tax.

The meeting organized by the Parliamentary Chief County Liaison Officer discussed how KRA will support Constituency/County Offices for better uptake on tax compliance.

It is important to note that both institutions (PSC & KRA) facilitate Constituency/County Offices Countrywide to execute their mandate effectively in matters relating to tax payments.

During the meeting, KRA officers indicated that they had undertaken trainings for all Constituency/County Managers in the Country on matters relating to tax payment.

It was further noted that Constituency/County Offices are over 90% compliance on PAYE and Withholding Tax (WHT) on rent noting that only three (3) offices had not filled tax returns while 20 were inconsistent in remitting tax. The Clerk explained this as a challenge caused by some offices sharing Personal Identification Numbers (Pin) with Constituency Development Fund offices.

According to the Parliamentary Chief Liaison Officer, there has been some challenges hindering a complete implementation of the process brought about by the regular changes on staff in the Constituency offices hence not able to track certain records, issuing of Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) by KRA taking long to process the documents, delays in releasing the Exchequer thus late payments resulting to penalties and interest levied.

The two institutions have an obligation in ensuring that Constituency/County Offices experience full potential in tax remittance to aid in Government collecting and receiving all revenue due.

The two parties agreed that KRA will continue training Constituency/County managers, starting with the 23 which have low uptake of tax compliance and will be issuing TCC at the end of every Financial Year (as at 30th June).

It was also noted that KRA will facilitate in application/issuance of waiver where the principal is fully paid while payments will be done in form of cheques as opposed to cash payment.

For efficiency and effective operation, the meeting resolved that KRA will carry out data clean-up in consultation with Constituency/County offices to enhance synergy and delivery of service.